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All About Padma Seats 

Padma Seat is a revolutionary Yoga Aid and Spinal support belt.

Padma Seat can greatly benefit your Meditation, prolonged Padma Asana practice and enjoyment of

The Art of Mindful Sitting.

The Padma Seat may help you sit longer, and go deeper, into your practice.


Padma Seat corrects posture, encourages longer and greater sitting comfort, grounds and optimizes your center of gravity.

With Padma Seat adjusted to ideal comfort, you will immediately feel a shift in your body; that gives spinal alignment and back support.

Padmaseat strengthens your posterior core and abdominal muscles and revitalizes your body as you sit peacefully and effortlessly.  

Some people find using a yoga block or pillow to raise the hips and drop the knees can help by tilting the sacrum forward and straightening the spine.

We sincerely believe you will get great results with this simple, but effective meditation tool.

Check out the Padma video below


What Size Is Right For You?


Padmaseat come in 4 different sizes: S, M, L, XL

How to find out the best Padma Seat size for you: 

Step 1: Sit in cross legged position (Lotus Position)

Step 2: Using a tape measure or string , carefully measure your  size from

point A to B (from one kneecap, around your back, to the other kneecap) as show in the picture above.

If your size measurements are on the cusp of a size range, for example if you measure 140 cm, we suggest taking the next size bigger, so at 140 cm you take Medium instead of small.

130 to 140cm - 51" to 55" - S - Small
140 to 150cm - 55" to 59" - M - Medium
150 to 160cm - 59" to 63" - L - Large
160 to 170cm - 63" to 66" - XL Extra Lg


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