Padma Seat Canada is the latest product from parent company and sister website .

Both of these yoga accessories, the Nude Shoe Barefoot Sandals foot jewelry and the Sea Heart Bean meditation touch stones are fabulous gifts on their own or added to your order for Padma Seat at no additional charge for shipping.

So whats a Sea Heart or a Nude Shoe?

Sea Hearts or sea beans are warm, smooth and relaxing to hold. They are Lucky drift seeds that come with a romantic Legend about its journey from the Amazon Rain forest, across the Atlantic Ocean, to find you!

We suggest adding two Sea Hearts with a padma seat to use as a warm touch stone that is alive with vital Amazon energy. Sea Sea Hearts are magical, rare and make interesting conversation pieces and memorable , sentimental gifts.

Check out the sea heart website for one of a kind find sea heart gifts and sea bean jewelry. is your one stop shopping for wholesale and retail barefoot sandals foot jewelry.

Also foot jewelry displays and adorable packaging ideas for selling Nude Shoe beaded bare foots sandals.

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